In this new season of the adaptation of HG Wells' classic, human survivors of an alien attack mount their own fight to take back the planet.
            SBS will broadcast all US Open 2021 singles quarter-finals, semi-finals and both finals LIVE, FREE and in HD, and live streamed via SBS On Demand from September 8-13.
            SBS is committed to giving a voice to all Australians, regardless of gender, geography, age, cultural background or language.
            The premier has indicated she expects NSW's current COVID-19 crisis to peak in the coming weeks but pledged on Friday "I will turn up when I need to".
            SBS is committed to informing all Australians about the latest coronavirus developments. News and information about coronavirus (COVID-19) is available in 63 languages.
            Yoson An and Alyssa Sutherland lead a diverse ensemble cast in this new four-part series set in the Victorian Goldfields.
            SBS encourages all Australians to embrace and celebrate a world of difference. Why? Watch this video.
            From the Bowraville murders to the crippling effects of anxiety, eight prime-time documentaries from Australia's best filmmakers begin this Sunday at 8:30pm on SBS.
            The friendship between the Jensens and the Küsters is put to the test when the Jensen family's son, Kjell, disappears without a trace.
            The terrorist attacks of 9/11 sent the world into a state of shock, yet some had been loudly and publicly warning of the dangers posed by terrorism. Ahmad Shah Massoud...
            Told for the first time, this is the story of the handful of people in the South Tower, on the actual floors hit by the hijacked plane, who made it out alive....
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            This film will tell the story of the most unforgettable image from 9/11 - a photograph of a falling man, a jumper from the North Tower of the World Trade Centre....
            The eighth and final season of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' is being fast-tracked to SBS On Demand and SBS, and you don't want to miss a single episode. Nine-Nine!
            Have your kids seen it all? And then re-watched it all? Over and over again? Keep screen time fresh with these fun and inventive shows now streaming or coming...
            COVID-19 and vaccination
            How to access in-language information from SBS about the latest on Australia's coronavirus situation.
            International COVID-19 vaccine passports will be rolled out from October, allowing people to prove their vaccination status ahead of the resumption of overseas...
            As Australia slowly approaches its 80 per cent COVID-19 vaccination target, several states and territories have indicated they may not be willing to throw open...
            A quarter of Australians know someone in their personal life or networks who died by suicide or attempted suicide in the past 12 months, new research shows.
            Ivermectin and other drugs like hydroxychloroquine have been incorrectly and routinely spruiked online as treatments for COVID-19.
            The Feed has followed four young Australians in and out of lockdown over the course of 10 months. What they discovered was more inspiring, moving and heart...
            In a two-part special, Jennifer Wong reports on China's rise in power. This second part looks at China's increasing threats against Taiwan, and how the Taiwanese feel...
            When I first heard the news that there was finally going to be an Asian Avenger, I should've been overwhelmed with pride. But my reaction was...nonplussed.
            I was more burnt out than I'd thought, and the second I stopped, the house of cards collapsed.
            Michael Mohammed Ahmad: I will hold your blanket away from your airways so you can breathe. Every second that I will keep you asleep is another second that your...
            Entries for the 2021 Emerging Writers' Competition are now open.
            As I got older, I have managed to liberate myself more and more from the restrictions I grew up with. And sometimes, people will tell me that I am "so brave", or...
            With four superb Mads Mikkelsen films hitting SBS World Movies and SBS On Demand, we take a moment to appreciate the complex charisma of Denmark’s leading export.
            Relentless government intervention since colonisation and the trauma and disadvantage experienced by Indigenous Australians: the two key drivers of incarceration.
            This comedy series follows a teenage Persian boy (Saturday Night Live's Nasim Pedrad), as he navigates high school, his mother's dating life, and his cultural...
            A quirky new 'judge', a new lawyer played by Australia's Charmaine Bingwa, and some changes at the top bring 'The Good Fight' into the Biden era.
            In the new six-part series, a resourceful young woman takes on her brother’s identity to infiltrate the Parisian police force – and Paris is pretty okay with that.
            Who will represent Australia at Eurovision in 2022? You can have your say next February! Why not put your original song into the running, too!
            US actor Michael K Williams has died aged 54. SBS On Demand presents this series as we remember him.
            This K-Drama sensation, which broke all viewing records in its home country, follows a woman who tries to protect her own biological daughter by becoming her...
            For six Russian office workers, cheating death leads them to a world where even murder isn’t off the table.
            A group of young offenders is sent to be rehabilitated on an expedition to the Alps. When one of the caretakers is found dead, the group has decisions to make.